Our Check & Send Service

Our service assists travellers and customers to understand how the EHIC works and we assist them in making the application and successfully receiving the EHIC card so they can enjoy their holidays with peace of mind knowing the benefits and limitations of the card in hand. Our step by step support throughout the application enables our customers to receive their card in the correct and appropriate manner in line with their own personal needs.

We recognise the need for a complete service in offering our customers a variety of ways to apply for an EHIC (which is free) and at the same time offering a review and verification service which can check that all the required information is available - IE no ommisions and secondly check and indentify any mistakes and manually intervene and correct these before submitting the Application to NHS.

We believe we can take the hassle out of the application process particularly when there maybe difficulties with connecting with the NHS website and / or telephone call centres.

Let us take the stress - we will process your application in our time making sure you are not kept hanging about and having to repeat "logging on" or "ringing up" frustrating and wasting your valuable time.